• Gun Review: Henry AR-7

    With its intriguing US military backstory and modern design from a famed Wisconsin gunmaker, this semiauto in .22 LR is ‘the right tool for the serious survivalist.’ Story and Photos by Nick Perna Serious firearms enthusiasts should have a firearm for every need. Like the tools in your toolbox, each one is designed for a…

  • Center Axis Relock

    The Center Axis Relock system provides a stable platform, better maneuverability and getting the target in your sights quickly while on the move.

  • 25 Caliber Pistol for Personal Defense

    Most run away from the .25 Cal Pocket Pistol for Personal Defense but take a look at this test to see how this Outperforms a .380 pistol at Close Range.

  • What Animals Can You Hunt with a Handgun

    Depending on the state you live in, you can legally hunt most non-migratory birds and mid tolarge-sized animals. Believe it or not, a hunter can target animals as large as bears and elks,utilizing modified, modern handguns. Although there are a few consistent regulations about hunting with fully automatic rifles andhunting white-tailed deer using rimfire cartridge…

  • History of the Sniper

    It is ironic that a country built on a tradition of rifle marksmanship took nearly 200 years to formally embrace the Sniper.

  • Crazy Russian SF CQB Confidence Drills

    Larry Vicker of Vicker Tactical Shed some Light on this INSANE Confidence Drill from the Russian Special Forces Alpha Team – Goal is to make their Operators Think & Engage Quickly.